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GovTech Lab is a central location for those interested in the interface between emerging digital technologies and government. The purpose of GovTech Lab is to facilitate the discussion, adoption and exploration of new digital technologies – AI, Internet of Things, Big Data, Blockchain – with the view to support the adoption of these technologies in the public sector.

To realise this aim, GovTech Lab platforms three functions: the first is our Knowledge Transfer Consortium, which is a forum/discussion that brings together all of the relevant stakeholders, namely government, academia, business and industry. The second is our Education and Training. Here we provide a central hub for educating, as well as enhancing knowledge, for those who are interacting with the emerging new technologies. The third is our Research and Development platform. Here the up-to-date activities of the GovTech network – comprised of leading UK academic research groups, and professional experts from government and industry – is showcased.

GovTech Lab represents a unique and highly collaborative forum through which important stakeholders can interact in this dynamic field. Lord Holmes

Towards a Digital Government

The data science technologies of AI, Internet of Things, Big Data and behavioural/predictive analytics, and Blockchain are poised to revolutionise the way we work, socialise and go about our daily activities.

Indeed, given the profound implications and uses of these new digital technologies, and given the primacy of the State, as social organiser and purveyor of services, the government is potentially the major ‘client’ and also ‘public champion’ for these technological advances. Innovations and transformations are likely to occur in the delivery and interaction of public services, national public records, sourcing and resourcing of information by government actors, policy testing and development, infrastructure monitoring and coordination, and much more. The scope is truly universal.

Within this context, we are witnessing a new generation of GovTech start-ups, and this area will grow rapidly in the near future.

We believe that the UK Computer Science community, with its world-class research and active start-up ecosystem, is well positioned to provide the essential support that the UK Government needs in this area. GovTech Lab is poised to bring to about, innovation, create novel partnerships, and facilitate the adoption of new digital technologies in the public sector.

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The initial start-up funding, to set up the GovTech Lab Knowledge Transfer Consortium and Industry Club, was awarded by UCL Innovation & Enterprise via the UCL EPSRC Impact Acceleration Account funding scheme.

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